Century Fabric marker pen

Item Specifications:

Model : Pump type
Stock : In Stock
Origin : India
Discount : No
Brand : Century
Delivery Charge : 200 Taka
Product Condition : New


Century Fabric marker pen

It is an aluminum cigar type rigid tube with a hemispherical rubber at one end, when pumped slightly compresses ink towards a fine ball point for smooth flow and easy writing. It is popularly known as ‘pump-type marker’ or ‘TEXPEN’.It’s Rigid body prevents breakage, leakage and puncture while using. Widely used in dyeing houses in processes like dyeing,scouring, bleaching, hoisery, knitting & weaving of grey fabric.

Ink content is 15% more
No wastage of Ink.

Everon Marker is designed whereby it can be used up to last drop of ink when compared to traditional tube type where almost 25% of ink goes waste or we are unable to use after squeezing, as it is difficult to even hold the tube.

Colors Available : Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, Orange, Green and White.

Tip sizes available
Point No.2 : Writes 2 mm wide for general purpose
Point No.3 : Writes 3 mm wide, specially for knitted / hosiery / denim Fabric and Canvas type fabric.
Point No.4. : For Raised Fabrics.


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