Yarn Count System

Item Specifications:

Warranty Period : One Year
Stock : In Stock
Origin : Germany
Discount : No
Brand : Scaletech
Delivery Charge : 500 Taka
Product Condition : New


Computerized Yarn Count system

Spin Soft With Digital  weighing Scale

Capacity : 200g

Acc: 0.001g

Brand: Scaletech

Origin: Germany

Supply with all standard accessories pack in dimensional condition

Other details as per catalogue

Common  Features :
# Auto and Manual entry modes.
# Statistical outputs:  Mean, RH corrected, SD,

CV%, Q95±, Min.  & Max.  Value

# All  reports  for  Daily,  Weekly,  Monthly,

Frame wise,  Within  Bobbin,

Between Bobbins, within Frame and

Between Frames formats.

# Graphical outputs: Stroke diagram and


# Long-term storage format.


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