Emergency Safety Shower

Item Specifications:

Warranty Period : One Year
Origin : India
Discount : No
Brand : Unicare
Delivery Charge : 500
Product Condition : New


Emergency Safety Shower

Safety Showers are designed to flush the eyes, skin, and body. The eyewash and drench shower portions of the units can be used independently or simultaneously, depending on the type and severity of the injury. Our ANSI compliant emergency showers will offer the protection your workforce needs when working with hazardous chemicals . It’s included an eyewash or eye-face wash in the shower component. We offer the most protection for all parts of the body in the event of a chemical splash. The water pressure and volume must be in compliance for the eyewash and the shower together. Full body shower activated by a triangular pull handle. Combination Showers Protects Your Eyes, Face and Body.

The key feature of the Pedestal mount Eye/Face Wash i.e Safety Shower is the ability of the cushion-flow atomizer heads to deliver a soft, feather-like flow effect to the injured ocular area. Standard
or Eye/Face Wash Units save space and fit easily into any work environment. Eyewash system offers a high performance rinsing platform that provides rapid relief to an individual’s eyes that have been injured by chemicals or particulate.
Features of Safety shower
Receptor Bowl:
ABS receptor bowl Highly visible yellow anti corrosive plastic. Also extra-large Atomizer Heads Cycolac Receptor Bowl resistant to damage from alkalies, salt solutions, oils, most acids.
Atomizer Heads:
Twin cushion-flow Cycolac Atomizer Heads in high visibility Yellow/Black with flip-flop dust covers that protect heads that automatically release with soft water pressure.
Pedal type operated by foot .Push Lever type operated by push plate.
Stream Control:
Safe, steady water flow under varying water supply conditions from 30–90 PSI (2.0-6.1 bar) is assured by integral flow control in the spray head assembly.
½” BSP
Recommended pressure:
30 PSI/ 2 kg/cm2
1 ¼” BSP
Net Shipping Weight:
9± kg

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