Mega Electronic Kitchen Scale

Item Specifications:

Warranty Period : One Year
Stock : In Stock
Origin : China
Discount : No
Brand : Mega
Delivery Charge : 200 Taka
Product Condition : New


Mega Electronic Compact Scale

Used in wide range of applications including kichens, offices, warehouses, laboratories, and industries


According to various needs of the model unit.T


1. Turn on scale as described above

2. Place the ”tare item” onthe platform

3. Press ”TARE” and wait until”0.0” (or ”0”) is displayed

4. Add the ” net-weight-item”


Turn the scale on, press the key of  ”light” you can choose the backlight.



Maximum Capacity : 200g/500g/1000g/3000g/5000g/7000g/10000g

Accuracy : 0.01g (for 200g)

0.1g (for 500g)

0.2g (for 1000g)

1g (for 3000g/5000g/7000g)

2g (for 1000g)


Warranty Period : One Year
Origin : China
Accessories : Available
Brand : Mega
Platform size : (6X6) inc
Maximum weight : 3 Kg/5 Kg/ 7 Kg/10 Kg
Minimum weight : 1g/2g
Accuracy : 1g
Product Delivery Charge : 200TK.

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