Non-contact optical tachometer (Laser Type)

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Origin : Taiwan
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Brand : Lutron
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Product Description
Non-contact optical tachometer DT2234B Photoelectric tachometer measuring range: 2.5 ~ ~ 99,999 rev / min DT2234B Digital Optical Tachometer in ensuring its non-contact, high precision, based on the use of micro-processing LSI circuits to speed the process of maximum, minimum, the final value can be stored in memory, through the button switch that can turn displayed in the 16mm LCD screen if they do not replace the battery, the data will remain until the next measurement, has been replaced by the new measurements.
Display model 5digit big LCD display,digital high 16mm
Measure range 2.5~~99,999 rpm/min
Fluctuate rate 0.1RPM(2.5-999RPM),1RPM(above 1000RPM)
accurancy ±(0.05%+1 letter)
sampling time 0.5 S(above 120RPM)
efficiency distance 50mm~~250mm(2234B),50mm~~500mm(2234C)
Work current 50mA(2234B),35mA(2234C)
storage function Automatically recorded maximum, minimum, the final value
Power 4×1.5V 7 battery

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