Shrinkage Template & Scale (ISO)

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Origin : India
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Brand : Ramp
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Shrinkage is the change in dimensions of any fabrics or garments after laundering or dry-cleaning. To access this dimensional change of fabric directly with maximum accuracyaccuSHRINK i2™ (ISO) has been developed which meets the specification of International standards.  
To determine directly the % dimensional change (shrinkage) in all types of fabrics.
Fine calibrated Shrinkage Template with three 14-inch benchmarks length-wise & three 14-inch benchmarks width-wise.
Calibrated Scale to Check the Shrinkage directly from 0-15%.  Even the Stretch can be directly measured up to 15%.
Two fine tipped black& yellow fabric markers are supplied for accurate marking on light & dark color fabrics.
All items nicely packed in a beautiful box help easy carriage.
Acrylic template & scale keeps its calibration intact in any atmospheric condition & gives nice look.
Supplied with inspection & calibration certificate.
Weight: 1 Kg (2.2 lb)

Length Depth Height
500 mm 500 mm 3 mm.
19.5 Inch 19.5 Inch 0.13Inch
Related Standards
ISO 3759, BS 4931, ISO 5077, ISO 3175


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