Shrinkage Template & Scale (All in one)

Item Specifications:

Warranty Period : One Year
Stock : In Stock
Origin : India
Discount : No
Brand : Ramp
Delivery Charge : 200 Taka
Product Condition : New


Shrinkage is a very important element in determining the quality of a fabric/ Garments. Shrinkage is the change in dimensions of any fabrics or garments after laundering or dry cleaning.

To access this dimensional change directly with maximum accuracy has been introduced which meets the specifications of International standards. Ramp all in one meets to all ISO/AATCC s=Standards.

Technical Specification
Length between Slot to Slot : 250mm / 350mm / 500mm
Distance of Scale between : 250mm / 350mm / 500mm
Overall Dimension of Template : 650mm x 650mm x 6mm
Thickness of the scale

Calibrated Measuring Scale : 1 Nos.
Calibrated Measuring Scale : 1 Nos.
Textile Marker Pen : 1 Nos.
User Manual :
Calibration Certificate :  


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