Single Yarn Twist Tester

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Warranty Period : One Year
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Origin : India
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Brand : Ramp
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Single Yarn Twist Tester

Specially designed Twist Tester to check Twists Tester to check Twists in a single yarn. The unit has a pre-settable 5 Digit Counter to register the number of Twists in a Single yarn. 2 Dead weights (10gms & 20gms) is supplied to provide tension to the yarn while untwisting. A magnifying glass to check the untwisting of yarn is provided with the unit.


Technical Specification
Counter Five digit revolution counter to give twist directly
Dead Weight : 10gms / 20gms
Scale for the test length : 0 -100 mm

Main Unit:1 Nos.Dead Weight (10gms. & 20 gms.(:1 No. EachAllen Key (2mm):1 Nos.This User’s Manual:1 Nos.Calibration Certficate:1 Nos.

Related Standards
ISO 2061
BS 2085
ASTM D 1422
D 1423
IWTO 25-70
DIN 53832

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