Twist Tester Double Yarn

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Warranty Period : One Year
Stock : In Stock
Origin : India
Discount : No
Brand : Ramp
Delivery Charge : 500 Taka
Product Condition : New


The strength of a yarn depends to a great extent on the amount of twist imparted. Accurate determination of this physical property is very importance in assessing the quality of a yarn. The amount of twist given to a yarn is usually determined by untwisting a known length of yarn and  finding the number of rotations of one of its ends relative to the other by remove the twists  completely. Ramp Twist Tester  (Double Yarn) is  the appropriate equipment for the determination of twists of a double yarn .

Ramp Twist Tester Double Yarn has a set of clamps; one of which is rotating and the other is fixed. The rotating clamp is driven by hand. Specially designed a five-digit re-settable revolution counter to count the number of twists. The fixed clamp is mounted on a jewel bearing with a lever having a sliding weight to give the desired tension to the yarn. A special scale is  attached vertically on the clamp stand for measuring the tension on the yarn. The fixed clamp assembly can be moved over a guide bar for setting the required test length of yarn. The Test Length is indicated on a calibrated strip scale fixed to the base against a pointer attached with the moving assembly. A magnifying glass is provided to check the opening of the twists in the yarn during untwisting process. The equipment is meticulously finished in Blue PU paint.  The base of the apparatus is meticulously finished in Blue Paint and all other parts are of Stainless Steel.


  • Specially designed equipment to determine the twist per inch/cm of double yarn.
  • Ergonomically design with modern aesthetics.
  • Smooth precision-engineered mechanism for exceptional performance..
  • Specially designed only for double yarn.
  • Tension from 0 to 100gram can be selected by moving the weight on the lever.
  • Maximum test length can be 30 x 280 mm
  • With analog re-settable twist counter.
  • Magnifying glass is attached to ease in testing.
  • Complete with all accessories.
  • Supplied with calibration & inspection certificates


Technical Detail
Test length 30 – 280 mm
Load on test specimen 0 – 100 mm
Counter 5 Digit
Yarn tensioning load scale 0 – 100 g / L/C 1 Gms
Calibrated Scale to fix the length of the yarn. 0 – 300 mm /
Overall Dimensions 625 x 125 x 325 mm
Net Weight 12 Kg


Supplied Complete with below Accessories
Main Unit 01 No.
Alen Key (2 mm) (To Adjust the Dead Weight) 01 No.
Pointing Needle (To open yarns while untwisting) 01 No.
Detailed User’s Manual 01 No.

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